Saffron 5 gr

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The pure Safran BIO comes directly from our small producers in the area of Taliouine in Morocco. The harvest take place during the month of October, you need 150 pistils to make 1 gram of safron: this is why it is nicknamed the Red Gold of Morocco.

Our Safran reveals some perfumes of cedar, tobacco, hay, citrus, pepper, mint and floral notes slighty bitter.

Safron is widely used in the Arab, European, Indian, Iranian and Central Asian cuisine. It contributes to the orange-yellow coloring in some specialties. Its characteristics make possible to use safron in such diverse dishes, as cheese, sweets, some curries, liquors, soups, or meat dishes. Safron is also used as a condiment for rice.

5 grams of pure safron BIO pistils in a jar protected by a carton with a yellow wrap.