Sumac 100 gr

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Origin : Turkey

Sumac is a red or purplish-red powdered spice made from the berries and occasionally the leaves of the Sumac bush. t is an essential ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking.

Flavour :

Sumac has a tart flavor that is reminiscent of vinegar or lemon.

Culinary uses : 

  • skewers
  • seafood
  • fish
  • salads
  • poultry
  • stews
  • stuffings
  • rice
  • vegetables
  • bread
  • sauces
  • eggs

Advices :

Do not add too much salt if you use this spice.

Medicinal properties :

  • The antioxidant value of sumac spice is phenomenal
  • Sumac spice can help lower blood sugar levels
  • Sumac juice is high in vitamin C


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