Blue Lavender 100 gr

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Flavour :

This spice has a very haunting scent and a sweet aftertaste. It will bring a Provencal note to your recipes.

Culinary uses :

There are many ways to use blue lavender flowers:

  • in the pasta and rice water,
  • in marinades and sauces
  • with the fish.

It will also perfume your fruit desserts with delicacy.

Advices :

Lavender is added at the beginning of cooking. A few pinches will suffice to perfume all your preparation.

Medicinal uses :

 Lavender is also used for its soothing properties (especially in bathwater, which relaxes the body). This flower is beneficial for the metabolism. It has antiseptic, antispasmodic properties (against muscle spasms), it fights off anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. It also relieves rheumatism and treats respiratory tract infections. Finally, in external use the lavender is a natural healing agent. It regenerates the skin and is also very effective against lice.

Packaging :

In a doypack