Manuka Blend Honey (400 Gr )

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The unique properties of Manuka Honey

This product contains active enzymes than other honeys do not have, and help our body to function naturally. This additional molecule, has the sole of Manuka: The Methylglyoxal. This is what gives this power to the honey and gives him unique virtues. Thus Manuka honey is one of the most sought after honeys in the world.

You should know that the power of Manuka honey is different from honey to another, a label has been set up, the UMF index which means "Unique Manuka Factor", it measures the antibacterial effectiveness.


UMF, guarantee of proven efficacy

The UMF ® label indexes honeys according to their content of active substances. The index starts at 5+ and up to 25+. The higher the index, the greater the beneficial effect would be strong content. The figure is calculated based on the antibacterial and antiseptic effectiveness of honey in the body.

The UMF scale:

- 5 Honey is reserved for food

5 + A use for food and daily well-being

10+ We find benefits for the digestion, wounds

15+ Honey is used against burns, cough, bronchitis, sore throat, mouth ulcers, but also against the wounds

20+ used for all previous applications, but also for ulcers, gastroenteritis, etc.


A unique taste and texture.

In addition to giving it exceptional properties, the flower of Manuka honey gives a unique taste different from the honey we know. It features notes of eucalyptus and a creamy texture that make it a very greedy and very appreciate honey connoisseurs.

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