Black Cumin Oil 50 ml

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Black cumin oil has exceptional properties on irritated or prone to acne skin. It is also ideal for the care of dry and damaged hair.

Rich in omega 6 unsaturated fatty acids, this oil participates in repairing and healing your skin in case of skin disorders (eczema, acne, cysts, rosacea, warts, herpes ...).

True beauty oil, it is particularly suitable for sensitive, dry or irritated skin. It acts directly against cell oxidation and helps your skin to fight against the signs of age. Renowned for its many properties, black cumin oil promotes skin repair and reduces traces of scars and acne. It donates an unified and radiant complexion in few applications.

Widely used in East countries, black cumin reduces inflammation caused by stress, pollution and aging. It has soothing, refreshing, revitalizing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also relieves joint pains.

Its used for hair care, invigorates the scalp (against hair loss),repairs and soften the hair and promote growth.

The black cumin oil is extracted from seeds of cumin. It is obtained by cold pressing (this keeps all the properties and virtues of the cumin). This oil is guaranteed 100% pure without additives or preservatives.