Rose Water 50 ml

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The rose water slows down the aging, cleans and hydrates the skin and helps to heal.

In its delicate and intoxicating essence, rose water contains the oldest secrets of health and beauty. In India and the Arab countries, it was used as a remedy to rejuvenate the skin. Rose water was also used for religious rites, and even for meals. Its virtues are endless:

Whether it is to clean your skin or moisturize it, rose water provides the skin with a feeling of well-being and freshness. Its main toning and softening qualities make it the best beauty ally of all women. Adapted to all, rose water tightens the pores and makes the skin sharper. But not only…

It reduces stains, stretch marks and wrinkles. Its antibacterial and cicatrizing properties fight against canker sores, skin ulcers and acne. It is an anti-inflammatory and a decongestant. Its tonic fragrance allows you to relieve the signs of fatigue that appear during the day.

It relieves headaches: you can use handkerchiefs or compresses moistened with rose water and apply them on your forehead. It prevents hair loss by improving blood circulation and strengthening hair follicles. Our rose water is 100% pure, it contains no additives.

When it is used ? 

All the time ! Rose water is ideal in the morning to wake up your skin gently. It prepare the skin before the application of your day cream and make-up. This water is also a good option for a gentle removing makeup.